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From Our Landscape/Design Team…
As the warmer weather starts heading our way, we start transitioning from planting season to planning season. Getting design and installation work done on your new patio, walkway, or any hardscaping will allow ample time to think about what plantings you would like to get installed during our fall planting window.


March… like a lamb? Although grounds are saturated, thanks to old man winter, don’t forget about spring start up of your system. Have your system professionally evaluated, to check for damage and leaks. Call now to schedule your April or May system start.
Our in-house irrigation services include:

  • System design and installation
  • Water management
  • Repair services
  • Electronic controller installation and programming
  • Temporary irrigation systems for new turf and plants

Please contact us at 410-956-1344 to discuss all your irrigation needs.


Shaping and thinning of evergreens, woody plants and ornamentals will reduce stress and invigorate plant growth. Simply “pinching” spent blooms from flowering plants, such as rhododendron, is a good practice. Other ornamentals such as azalea, viburnum and magnolia should be pruned in a timely order so that bud set for next season is not disturbed. Candle growth on evergreens, such as pine, should be tipped while the candle is still soft.
It is best to water plants and turf grass during early morning hours. Be conscious of how much water your turf and plants receive. Evaporation rates are greater in turf areas. However, applying too much water during high humidity months can promote fungus growth in both turf and planting beds.


Be sure to have your system evaluated by a professional. Damage caused by snow, snow removal or harsh winter temperatures could impair a safe operating system. When daylight savings time kicks in, be sure all switches and timers are adjusted accordingly.
Exterior Image, Inc. offers annual low voltage Landscape Lighting service agreements that will keep your system operating at peak performance, along with system design and installation. Please contact us to discuss all your low voltage lighting needs at 410-956-1344.


Now that we have survived February and record snowstorms, hopefully as we move through March we will begin to see signs of spring sooner rather than later. We just spent last weekend at the Annapolis Home Show and along with a great patio and wall display, where we were able to incorporate some Daffodils and Cyclamens into our planting layout, and I must say, it was really nice to see some color! We here at Exterior Image, like many of the visitors we spoke with, are ready to get back out into the garden.
As much as we are ready for spring, it is seemingly difficult for everyone to begin planning with the lingering snow and cold weather, but now is a great time to start formulating your ideas and potential projects. Late winter allows time for the creation of your landscape plans and will ensure you an early spot on the schedule when the weather breaks. Feel free to call and set up a time for us to visit your property and listen to your ideas.


When summer is approaching it’s a great time to design and build that new hardscape you have been wanting. Walkways, patios, walls, outdoor kitchens, pergolas, steps, ponds?.the list goes on. Whether you need to replace an unsightly concrete walkway or design an entire new patio area summer is a good time to do so. When completing landscape projects the hardscapes are typically the first part of the project to be installed. By designing and building your hardscapes now you will be ready for planting in the fall when the temperatures are more favorable.
Summer is also the time of year to prune your spring flowering shrubs such as Forsythia, Azalea and Viburnum to name a few. Prune now before they set buds for next spring and ensure they are in shape and looking good for next season.
Don’t forget to water! Those new plantings you installed this spring will need water throughout the summer to remain lush and beautiful. The average summer rain is not sufficient for new plantings, and you will need to water on a weekly basis.
Contact us today to schedule an appointment with a Landscape Designer or to schedule pruning and watering services for you so you can enjoy your summer without any worries.


As we move into Fall, our inclination is to put off outdoor projects that we did not get around to during the summer. That may not be the best course of action.
While spring is typically the busy planting season, planting perennials, shrubs, and trees in the Fall is actually more beneficial. It allows plants the opportunity to develop healthy root systems, while at the same time, saving you money on water compared to spring and summer plantings. Fall is typically a better time to attempt transplants for many types of vegetation, as the stress of planting wanes with the heat.
Coincidentally, Fall is also one of the best times to assess your outdoor space and plan ahead before the spring season. As the leaves fall it becomes easier to assess where additional screening may be needed. For overgrown areas, now is the best time to tackle removal of overgrowth and to plant something more aesthetically pleasing. Ask yourself, “How is the basic structure or ‘bones’ of your garden?” Areas that were once lush in the summer can suddenly seem lacking, but easily corrected by incorporating additional evergreens while not impacting a garden in full bloom.
Think ahead to your wants and needs for Spring and get a head start on your construction projects by allowing us to complete the design and hardscape installation during the Fall months. You’ll be the first one on your block next Spring to enjoy a new landscape installation, while others will be experiencing a torn up yard during the best part of the year. Along with planning ahead, we still have the capacity in our schedule to work on your irrigation and lighting – the perfect Fall project!
We hope you are enjoying the fall and the change of seasons.
We look forward to working with you; please feel free to contact us!

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