Reminders and Helpful Hints

Mowing Schedules: Spring is typically a rainy time of year. We do all we can to stay on a weekly schedule. If we receive a day or two of rain, we may need to push the schedule 1 or 2 days up or back to help us return to the originally scheduled mowing days as quickly as possible. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.
Watering: Irrigation systems are not the singular solution to your watering needs. Remember, if we receive several days of rain in a week, you will need to adjust your system not to run. Too much watering can lead to other problems as the season goes on. In short, the irrigation system needs to be monitored according to weather conditions to avoid problems with fungus, root rot and other diseases. The proper use of automatic sprinklers on turf and plant materials is essential to the health and vigor of each. The importance of proper watering practice is critical due to nutrient management programs and the desire to conserve water. Less water is often better for both plants and turf. We offer a “water management” service to optimize use.
Weeds: Weeds can be an issue, especially in the spring. Our two spring applications of pre-emergent controls and fertilizer will help control weeds and crabgrass to a large extent. On most lawns there will be a need for post-emergent treatments. This would involve spot spraying with selective herbicides, as temperatures permit.
Summary: With proper mowing on a regular schedule, proper watering and fertilization treatments, your turf will start this spring healthy, strong and looking great. We look forward to a great season. Please call with any questions or concerns.


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