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Keeping a garden weed-free is necessary for keeping your crops healthy and able to grow.

Keeping a garden weed-free is necessary for keeping your crops healthy and able to grow. When you plan your weeding correctly, you ensure that your plants and not the weeds will have access to nutrients necessary for growth. Whether you do your weeding yourself or utilize weed prevention services, continue reading for tips on weed control.

Not only will weeds use nutrients that are needed by your crops, but they are also prone to diseases and can attract pests to your garden. Also, while it seems like plowing would help to control weeks, it makes weeds worse by burying seeds and loosening the soil, making it easier for weeds to grow.

Here are the best ways to keep your garden weed free:

Weed when the weeds are young.

If you pull weeds before they can reproduce, not only will you stop new plants from forming, but they will not be big enough when plucked to compete with crops for nutrients.

Use cover crops instead of tilling.

Tilling as little as possible will keep you from unintentionally planting new weeds. Instead, plant a cover crop that will cover the ground between plants and discourage weeds from growing. Choose a plant such as Dolichos or Njahe that will not only suppress weed growth but also provide your crops with food. Before planting a cover crop, ensure that your garden is weed free so that the cover crop can fully establish.

Mulch your garden.

Weeds thrive in bare soil. Placing a thick layer of mulch means that there is neither space or light that is required for them to grow. Mulch serves multiple purposes. Not only does it discourage weeds, but it also lowers soil temperature and keeps the soil moist. Additionally, as it breaks down, it adds organic matter to your soil.

Practice crop rotation.

When you constantly rotate your crops, you disrupt a weed's life cycle, which will result in fewer weeds.

In addition to these tips, it is a good idea to check for new growth about once a week. Also check a few days after it has rained as this is a prime time for weeds to grow rather quickly. If you are having trouble keeping up with your weeds or have too many to manage, you can also enlist the services of weed control services. Sometimes the extra help is necessary to ensure your crop can grow to its full potential.

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