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There are many benefits to having a garden filled with perennials.

Perhaps the biggest reason to plant perennials is that they continue to return season after season, as opposed to annuals that must be planted and removed each year. Should you obtain perennial garden installation Annapolis, a professional garden designer can help you to determine which perennial flowers would look best in your garden, as well as help you to choose a selection that will leave your landscaping in bloom throughout an entire season.

When you are planting perennials in your garden, the best time to do so is in the spring or fall. For many plants spring is best, because it allows ample time for the plants to become established before the cold winter hits. Continue reading for perennial planting tips and a step by step guide!

Perennial Planting Tips

-Keep a journal of what plants you have, and where. This would help you determine each spring if all of your plants survived.
-Arrange new plants in your garden before planting them. This will give you an accurate visual of how it will look if you plant in each location.
-Plant from back to front to avoid stepping on new plants
-Remember to leave room for seasonal plants should you still add annuals or fall mums

Planting Perennials

1. Dig a hole that is twice as wide as your plant's container, but about the same depth.
2. Arrange the roots so that they are horizontal
3. If your plant's tag does not detail specific depth requirements, try to keep the crown of the plant at roughly the same position in the hole as it was in its pot to avoid rot.
4. If the roots of your new plant are very dense, or root bound, do your best to gently untangle the roots before placing the plant in the hole. If some roots cannot be untangled, it is ok to remove them.
5. Refill your hole with the soil, and gently push to eliminate any air pockets.
6. Water thoroughly
7. Remember to keep an eye on the new plant and water as needed for the first several days.

Planting a few perennials yourself can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. However, if you need to plant several new plants, or are planning to put in an entirely new bed or landscaping, you may want to consider Annapolis perennial garden bed installation. That way, you can enjoy your garden and still be able to walk the next day. Maintaining a perennial bed can be more work than installing the bed in the first place. If you find yourself in need of assistance with garden maintenance, perennial garden maintenance services Annapolis can be of great benefit, helping you to keep your garden looking fresh and new all season.

Perennial Garden Installation

Perennial Garden Installation Ideas

Annapolis Perennial Garden Installation


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