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Exterior Image Inc. Has 20 Years Of Service To Back Up Its Reputation As The Greater Annapolis Area's Top Landscape Installation Company

At Exterior Image Inc. we have developed our reputation as the greater Annapolis region's top landscaping company due to our commitment to providing our customers with the best service in the business. We started out as a small operation ran out of our founder's home and have steadily built our reputation over the past twenty years. Our greatest satisfaction comes from seeing the landscaping visions of our customers become a reality. We excel in the area of landscaping installation and love taking a customers idea and turning it into a reality. We are also always happy to give our professional opinion on how a customer's property can be transformed into a truly unique and visually appealing landscape design. This all starts with the process of landscaping installation and we offer a number of outstanding services in this area.

Our expert project managers have customer service at the top of their list of priorities. They excel at implementing the landscape installation that will make your yard the envy of all of your neighbors. The benefits of having a professional landscape installation company transform your yard are numerous and include:

  •  Adding as much as 7 to 15% to the value of your home.
  • The addition of shade trees can dramatically reduce your summer cooling costs by as much as 50%.
  • Investment in professional landscape installation can yield you a recovery value of as anywhere from 100 to 200%.
  • Adding mature trees to your landscape can have a significant impact on your home's stability.
  • A professionally installed landscape serves to promote wellness in the environment as well as your community.

Exterior Image Inc. Has Been Providing Quality Landscape Installation For 20 Years. We Proudly Offer These Great Services:

Patio, Pavers & Stonework Installation

Beautifully designed patio's pavers and stonework installations can dramatically transform your yard by adding a sophisticated level of aesthetic beauty. Our expert landscape installation project managers will meet with you on-site and discuss the available landscaping possibilities. We also excel at adding beautifully designed patios, pavers and stonework around existing aspects of your yard, such as swimming pools.

Outdoor Living

Our landscape installation experts understand that the best way to shape an outdoor living area is to design it in a way that allows it to flow directly from the indoor living area. Whether it is a beautiful outdoor fireplace, grilling station or fire pit, Exterior Image Inc. is the landscaping company to call for the very best landscape installation. Our goal is to create the perfect outdoor living area for our customers and one that is ideal for hosting get-togethers or enjoying quiet relaxation.

Drainage & Grading

Consideration regarding a properties drainage and grading is key in the formulation of a landscape installation project. We are the experts in the greater Annapolis area at recognizing the specific drainage and grading needs that our customers have for their properties. Proper drainage and grading help to prevent having your yard flood after a heavy rain as well as keeping water from collecting near your house and other structures that you have in your yard.

Decks & Woodwork

A deck can add to your home in a number of ways. It can serve as an extension of your indoor living area by providing an ideal place to relax or have fun outside. Adding a deck to your home also adds value to your property. Professionally installed wooden decks add all of these great practical values to your home and yard and also add a great amount of aesthetic value. Our years of experience in the landscape installation business have seen us give countless customers the deck of their dreams. We enjoy the creative artistry that comes along with deck design and love to see the look of satisfaction on the faces of our customers.

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We offer our professional landscape installation services in the greater Annapolis region as well as many other regions of Maryland. Our services are also available in Washington D.C. and northern Virginia. Call us today at 410 956 1344 or visit our make an appointment with us today to find out how we can give you the lawn of your dreams with our expert landscape installation service.

Key Benefits of the Service

Once you have your idea in mind, our team is eager to turn your dreams into a reality. Competent and personable Project Managers ensure that the implementation is being completed to your liking. As soon as the project is finished, you are bound to be the envy of the neighborhood!

  Promote wellness in your community and the environment
  Landscaping can add between 7-15% to a home’s value
  Shade trees can reduce air conditioning costs by up to 50%
  Mature trees have a strong impact on the salability of homes
  Your investment yields a recovery value of 100-200%

Our design/build firm has developed a reputable name in the industry having 20+ years of experience in all phases of landscaping. You name it and we’ve done it!
We will integrate our own ideas with those of the industry and fuse this combination with our client’s desires/requests.
Work will be performed at the highest professional level with a courteous and service oriented attitude.
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