Annapolis Landscape Design
24 Nutwell Rd, Lothian,
MD, 20711
Mon-Fri: 8am-4pm


The potential of stone is amazing! Well-developed landscapes can create a pleasing balance between hardscapes and softscapes. We carefully plan the height, setting, and materials of a hardscape, and the end result is a picture perfect combination of all facets. In the hands of our superior stonemasons, the remarkable beauty of hardscapes is clearly realized.

Whether you want a natural stone pathway or you like the look of man-made concrete pavers, Exterior Image will install the materials properly so they will stand the test of time.

Our superior craftsmanship is more than just pretty to look at; it is built on a solid foundation that is appropriate for each type of hardscape material. We believe in our product and the quality of our work, as reflected in our portfolio and testimonials. In fact, we guarantee our designs will stay in place as intended, for a minimum of seven years.