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Blending the art of design and craftsmanship (both wood decks and composite decks) is an extension of your outdoor living space. The challenge for Exterior Image is to utilize hard, fast products and mold them into a functional and appealing entertainment center, personal hideaway, or contained area.



Across America, one out of three homes has a wood deck. They are also one of the highest return value improvements you can add to your home, Typically 73-110% of their initial cost.

Simple or multilevel decks and porches provide transition from an indoor to an outdoor living space. Pergolas and arbors give definition to entrances and accent open spaces. Fences bring closure to the outdoors, as may be required, and identify areas.

We’ll work with you to combine hard structure and natural materials for the most appealing outdoor living space.




Key Benefits of the Service

Once you have your idea in mind, our team is eager to turn your dreams into a reality. Competent and personable Project Managers ensure that the implementation is being completed to your liking. As soon as the project is finished, you are bound to be the envy of the neighborhood!

Promote wellness in your community and the environment
Landscaping can add between 7-15% to a home’s value
Shade trees can reduce air conditioning costs by up to 50%
Mature trees have a strong impact on the salability of homes
Your investment yields a recovery value of 100-200%

Our Qualifications

Our design/build firm has developed a reputable name in the industry having 20+ years of experience in all phases of landscaping. You name it and we’ve done it!

Our Capabilities

We will integrate our own ideas with those of the industry and fuse this combination with our client’s desires/requests. We provide deck & woodwork services to Lothian, and the surrounding Annapolis area!

Our Commitment

Work will be performed at the highest professional level with a courteous and service oriented attitude. Interested In This Service? Make Appointment